a little about us

URBAN CRAVE is a multi-cuisine family restaurant where everything is homemade and that’s what makes the difference.
Our fresh new concept is flavoursome and unswervingly enticing. You'd have to try it to believe it. So come and enjoy the plush, cool ambience of stylish eating. Do not miss our specialty live oriental Grill, Wood Fired Oven Pizzas, fresh home made Nitrogen Ice Creams, Smoothies and Shakes and lot more....
We are here because of the local people. We believe that providing good service, great food and a friendly atmosphere will keep our customers coming back.


We are very picky and buy our products in local markets on a daily basis. You can see it because everything’s on display. Plus, your dish is cooked your way, in front of your eyes. So yeah, we can call it fast food, but only because you don’t have to wait very long to enjoy your meal.


Nitrogen Ice cream batch is only 120ml. We use everything raw and natural as flavouring, and we flavour on demand. That is, we flavour every serving as it’s ordered, right in front of you. We use real fruit-berries, real nuts, and real nutella and most importantly real is natural. There is no flavour comparison between the real ingredients and an artificial base.


Air-frying is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. The use of the air-fryer all across our. menu allows us to preserve fresh ingredients’ vitamins, nutrients and texture. On top of that, we use fresh local ingredients in our recipes.